About Us

We started out by crafting face masks for our friends and family. We received some very positive feedback and lots of encouragement to sell them. Born out of this was Cotton Face Masks.
Our face masks are crafted in Dublin. We source our materials from Irish suppliers, we hand crafting each face mask in Ireland and most of our face coverings are distributed within the island of Ireland.
We are striving to help our frontline healthcare workers by reducing the demand on disposable PPE. We also continue to make donations to various people and institutions.
The washable cotton face masks help reduce waste from disposable masks and provide you with an extra layer of protection. It is also in line with recent government recommendations to wear face coverings in busy public places and on public transport.
Cotton Face Masks strives to provide quality, comfortable face masks for every day use. They are washable, durable, breathable and sit well over your nose and mouth.