Are your glasses fogging up when wearing face masks or coverings?

Wearing face coverings is slowly becoming more common. The government recently announce their guidance on the use of face coverings in confined public spaces and on public transport. If you have started to wear face coverings or face masks, and wear glasses, you may have noticed that your glasses are often becoming fogged up. 

Why do glasses fog when I wear a face mask or covering?

The explanation is pretty simple and is not uncommon. When you breathe, warm air normally escapes straight through your nose or mouth. If you wear a face mask or covering, the air can't easily escape through your nose and mouth, so it looks for the quickest way out. This is usually through small gaps in the face mask which are often around the top of the nose or bottom of the chin. The warm air hits the cooler lens of glasses, causing a fog. Similar things happen when wearing a scarf or balaclava in the winder, or even when opening a hot oven door.

How can I prevent my glasses from fogging when I wear a mask?

This is not a new problem, so there are several ways to help prevent glasses from fogging up. Those who ski or snowboard will know all about fogging! Below are some tips to help prevent fogging.

1) Tuck your glasses on top of the mask. After you put on your mask or face covering, sit your glasses on top of the covering to help create an airflow block. This will help move more air through the cotton material or other small gaps. 

2) Tighten the mask. If you feel the mask is sitting loosely on your face, you can tie a knot in the ear loops to help fit it better to your face. Unfortunately our face sizes are not all the same, so adjustments like this will help make a better fit.

3) Buy some anti-fog wipes or sprays. They can be very effective but are expensive. You can find these in an opticians or on the internet.

4) Rub your glasses with some soap or toothpaste. This can be a quick remedy but is not as effective as some of the above. Get a small amount of soap or toothpaste on a paper towel and rub the glasses with it. It will leave a very thin coating on the glasses that will help prevent fogging. However, it won't last too long.

For those of you who wear glasses like me, there is no easy remedy. We hope these tips are useful for some people. Let me know how you get on!

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